Brazilian Top Team Plano: Muay Thai “Low Kick” Tutorial (VIDEO)

This post is Part 1 of an ongoing blog series covering Brazilian Top Team Plano Muay Thai and Jiu Jitsu tutorials for mixed martial arts (MMA). The aim of this series is to provide you with some of BTT Plano's best training tips through concise video segments and written reviews. Whether you're a novice or experienced athlete, you should follow our blog to learn more.

Brazilian Top Team Plano's Head Muay Thai Coach, Kale Sims.

Brazilian Top Team Plano's Head Muay Thai Coach, Kale Sims.

The key to being a successful MMA student is showing up not only to train, but also getting your work in outside of classes in order to continually progress and build upon past lessons.

In this video blog series, we want to show you how we help our students develop perfect techniques. In Brazilian Top Team Plano Muay Thai classes, we constantly stress learning through disciplined repetition--both on and off the mat. This tutorial series is designed to encourage both.

Today, our Head Muay Thai Coach, Kale Sims, will walk us through a common technique known as the "low kick." While the concept of this move is relatively simple, students and fighters alike often develop bad habits early on in their training that not only limit the move's effectiveness, but make correcting such flawed muscle memory increasingly difficult as training progresses.

Watch this one minute video tutorial to learn more, then continue reading below for Coach Sims' "low kick" summary checklist.

"Low Kick" Checklist

Again, the proper mechanics of the Muay Thai low kick are relatively simple--if the correct foundation is built early on and constantly reinforced through repetitive training.

Proper Mechanics

Step out to clear your hips
Set it up with a jab
Chop downward on your opponent's leg

Improper Mechanics

Step straight in to your opponent
Throw the kick by itself without the jab
Leave your head within striking distance

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